“Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable.”

— Seth Godin

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How to Be a Good Boss in a Bad Economy

I’ve was working cleaning up my computer files the other day and I ran across a PDF of a Harvard Business Review article had downloaded a while back entitled How to Be a Good Boss in a Bad Economy by Robert I. Sutton. Bob Sutton is the author of the excellent...

A 2008-2009 Christmas/Winter Reading List

I’m putting together a Christmas/Winter reading list for 2008-9. It consists both of books I’ve reently read or am reading right now that I would recommend to other contractors and some new books I’ve just discovered and plan to read. The first book I’ll mention...

Estimating Book Recommendations

I’m often asked for recommendations regarding books on estimating techniques, not the data mind you, but the techniques and methods of estimating. Unfortunately there aren’t a whole lot of books out there to choose from but still there are some good ones...
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