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What Carpenters Earned in 2014 via Remodeling Magazine

As I work with our contractor clients from around the country either setting up their labor costs in our 360 Difference Estimating program or helping them out with our Capacity Based Markup Excel Worksheet I always stress they have to USE REAL FIGURES FOR THIER AREAS because of the tremendous regional differences in labor costs throughout the county and this infographic illustrates those differences.

You can’t just go in an online forum and ask a question like “Hey I just landed an estimate for a kitchen installation what do you people charge for installing cabinets?” That’s entirely the WRONG QUESTION to ask. If anything, and I still question the validity of the data you’ll get for answers, the question should be “How do you people figure out how many labor hours for cabinet installation?” to which you then take that labor hour data and multiply it by your Loaded Labor Rate (which you have perhaps built using our Capacity Based Markup Excel Worksheet) to come up with your number.

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360 Difference Estimating 4.0 is finally here

360 Difference Estimating 4.0 for Macintosh, Windows and iPad* is finally here….well almost…

This is the public beta were releasing and we have a special offer to any new users who join us while were still in the beta test period this December. Purchase 360 Difference Estimating for the the discounted price of $265.00 ($100 off the regular price of $365) and we’ll give you the "Sales" interface module when it’s ready so you can estimate projects from your iPad* (*360 Difference requires FileMaker Go to run on a iPad) and the other 360 Difference 4.0 Modules too as they roll off the assembly line.

Click Here To Download a Demo of the 360 Difference Estimating 4.0 preview

For a limited time we’ll also enroll you in the beta test release programs for our other 360 Difference Modules that you see on our start-up screenshot below as we bring them up-to-date.

If you don’t already own a license of FileMaker Pro 11( you can try out a demo of FileMaker Pro 11 too by clicking here: the Runtime versions of our programs have there own a built-in FileMaker engine and run with the only restriction being that the program wont produce PDF documents from within the application.

Any questions? Feel free to give me a call at 914-301-5838 and if your a Macintosh user using Tiger 10.5 or later I’ll be very happy to give you a live online demostration of the programs capabilites using the Share a-Screen capabilties in Apple iChatAV. Again, any questions about Share-a-Screen just call me and I’ll talk you through it too.

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