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We’re Remodeling Our Website And Were Doing While We’re In Flight…

Years ago there was a great commercial for EDS (Electronic Data Systems) about building airplanes while they we’re flying in the sky and I think that is apropos to what we are doing as we are remodeling our website.

We’re making a big switch in the WordPress theme we’ve been using switching over to the incredibly powerful and flexible and responsive Divi Theme from Elegant Themes and after doing the basic re-design off line I decided to load the theme and continue to work on the new content while we are up and running since I have 135± blog posts to go though and review in the new design and that is going to take some time.

Divi WordPress Theme

To preview the “new look” for ParadigmProjects click here.

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A Brief Announcement About Our New Web Site Design

Well we changed over to a new web site design on Dec 15th and discovered that a lot of the old CSS code we used in our previous blog posts either wouldn’t fit and work in our new design or just didn’t look as good as it should so we just wanted you to know we are working on fixing all of our old blog posts.

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Not an April Fools Day joke at all, we’ve just released 360 Difference Estimating 2.0

Not April Fools Day joke at all, we have just released 360 Difference Estimating 2.0 the Estimating module componnent that part of our FileMaker based enterprise suite and it available for download downloading on our web site.

360 Difference Estimating Window To say thanks to all of our current users for their support we’re making this release a free upgrade for anyone with 360 Difference 1.x and Simple Estimate Worksheet userlicenses.

To potential new users joining our ranks this April we’re offering the program at $299 plus new users will also get to be involved in the development program for the Version 2 Production, Accounting, CRM, Human Resources, and Digital assets modules and get them for FREE to when they are released to the public.

360 Difference Estimating Window The program allows users to very accurately build a production cost library of items performed internally by a contractors own personnel based on the contractors actual real costs of doing business rather than what some estimating data book says their cost are supposed to be.

The program does the same thing with respect to building a library of production costs based on what your contractors actually charge you or you can build you own cost items based on the billing rates your subs charge you and what you know the real material costs to be too.

And for the times when you do need to pull data from a third party estimating database you can do that too and we’ll be offering them from various providers in the coming months.

Come May 1st 2007 we’ll be raising the standard single user price on the Estimating module to $365.00

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The New WordPress Powered Quietly Re-Thinking Out Loud Blog

Welcome to the WordPress powered version of the Quietly Re-Thinking Out Loud Blog. As of Wednesday, April 4, 2007 I made a switch here from Blogger to WordPress.

It’s spring cleaning time here and as part of the reorganization and remodeling I plan to do on this web site I switched from the Blogger powered blog I had over to one powered by WordPress and I very happy with the way things are going and I’m actually looking forward to an increased level of blogging.

Blogger was and is still a really good tool but since WordPress uses a mySQL database that installed and running on my web server the response time when I post is almost instantaneous. There’s no clicking to upload and then having to wait for the publishing to take place like I had to with Blogger.

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Okay I’m just getting set up here to start blogging…

Okay I’m just getting set up here to start blogging on the issues I’m interested in the realm of Building and Remodeling and we’ll see where all this goes..

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