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Trying to fix a bug in production…

Is this the best way to try and fix a bug in a production process…

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Remodeling Magazine: 8 Steps to Closing Deals Fast

I am astounded at times how so many remodeling contractors don’t have any kind of “designed” process or pipeline in place to direct and moving lead through their company’s sales process and instead shoot from the hip and almost overtime improvise from scratch out of the box.

If there is one thing I might add to what Paul Winans has to say in his article it would be that if you really want to develop and perfect your company’s sales pipeline process visually diagram it and as potential clients move through the process document what going on so you’ll have a “paper trail” that you can forensically examine in the future to evaluate what works and what not working and to determine what your ideal customer/client archetypes really are.

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