Business Management Systems

A Working Digital ContractorAt Paradigm-360 We Design, Build, and Help Implement Business Systems For Builders, Remodelers, Contractors and other members of the Home & Garden Industry

The key to efficient and profitable business operations for building, remodeling, and trade contractors as well as architects and designers and home and garden small businesses in lean times is the development of turn-key systems or methodologies to run your core business operations by so that every time a member or you organization performs a task they aren’t reinventing the wheel procedure wise.

Our goal is to work with dedicated and serious building & remodeling professionals on the development of those systems in the following areas:

What We Do and How We Do It

Paradigm-360 will work with you to determine and design a strategy and process for implementing a business process improvement program in any one of, or any combination of, the above mentioned disciplines.

  • We evaluate your needs. We believe we must first understand you, before we can even begin to help you.
  • We ensure our talents and capabilities match what you need.
  • We help develop an optimum implementation plan, considering your long term goals and current capabilities.
  • We believes that your complex challenges require comprehensive, but simple, solutions.Our goal is to find the elegant, simple solution to your challenging issues; without compromises or trade-offs.
  • There is a bias towards planned, precise action for practical improvements; moving with high velocity from start to finish.
  • Where appropriate and whenever possible, we will transfer our skills and knowledge to you and your employees so they can continue the improvement process.
  • We coach, encourage, guide, assist, and challenge you and your people to the next step in your journey to excellence.

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